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The most original and pleasing game I have ever played. Love it.

Great game but crashes all the time

The game is really great with beautiful ideas but unfortunately it crashes all the time at some stages ("blue" or "signal"). Stability must be improved to be worth the money.

Fantastic but very crashy

Live the game. One of the most unique experiences on the AppStore. But right now it just seems to crash all the time. I think its connected to levels that try to access mic or camera. But I gave both those permissions and they are still active, so I dont know what to do. @mrimhf on Twitter, if you can give me solution since bloody apple still does not let you contact people who review apps...

Short. Simple. Funny.

Had a lot of fun! Definetely would buy again.


Really wholesome, silly and fun!

Crashed at 33%

Crashed at the stage "when you see it". The app just exits. Fail

Its great! :)

Its a great game, with a fluid interface, and I know youre trying, but $2 is a little to much for a game with 100 levels. I finished it too fast, I was in love with it. So I suggest that you take the price down a little or you add more levels. You get my applause for making a wonderful app.

What an interesting game.

This game got me to wonder how much my IPad can do. It was fun, enjoy able and seem to get my brother and I interested. It never crashed on me or anything. But the reason why I gave it 4 stars is because it should have been way less then 3.46 This should be a 0.99 game for how easy and how many levels there are.

Progress to 100

When i was on 12% on the game, it told me to ride a horse but when i tried to do it , it would not work at all, i just wasted my money , if you have an ipod, i dont recommend u buying this!

A quick burst of fun.

A bit short, but made me smile for a little while. Very creative use of the phone itself. Thank you :)

I cant do the calling one

I cant do it on my ipod it wont work at all my sister and friends will call me on FaceTime but it doesnt work AT ALL

Cant do calling

I tried face timing me on my iPad but it wouldnt count. Please fix this so that this will work for iPods. But rather than that it is a very fun game.

Cant Do Calling....

Absolutely love the game so far, but cant get passed #83 as Im not on a phone. Im using an iPod 5

Interesting concept

One suggestion though on the commentary as it was said twice during the game ("level 65") and in the 90s...dont say "Good Boy".....the player is neither a dog or a BDSM subordinate, nor should the assumption be that the player is male. Make use of the camera, microphone and light sensors more often. Maybe even use the keyboard...just a thought. Otherwise, its a fun little "time waster"

Cant call

I cant get past the calling part with my iPod


Like others I cant get past the call this phone one.

Another calling complaint

I really love this game, but at 83%, I have an iPod and I can not finish. Itd be nice if iPods could be given the Graffiti option and not the calling. Please please PLEASE update this. I really want to progress.

This game

Is just awesome


I cant call on my iPod


Tiny bits of "play" emerges from this masterpiece. Really impressive ways to use your device in a form of play.

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